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Athletic Floor Installation Services


Professionals that are skilled and dedicated to the success of each project are required to meet the demands of today’s sports facilities. New England Sports Floors’ team of athletic facility specialists excel at every level, from concept to completion. 

Annual Gym Floor Re-Coating

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The refinishing of your sports hardwood floor on an annual basis is critical to the floor’s overall maintenance. An annual “screen and re-coat” will remove surface stains and scuffs from your floor’s finish and give further protection to your hardwood floors and paint.

Gym Floor Sanding and Refinishing

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We have the latest equipment available to sand your existing wood floor at New England Sports Floors. The floor is thoroughly coated, painted, and finished after the sanding process to make it look brand new again.

Custom Gym Floor Graphics and Paint

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Add a custom logo, writing border, stained 3-point arc, or anything else you may think of to enhance your gym floor. We may either edit and modify current images or develop a custom image for your needs.

Rubber Gym Floor Restoration

We can reseal and restore your rubber athletic flooring so that it looks great, resists stains and marks, and is much easier to keep clean.

Flooring Systems

Synthetic Gymnasium Flooring Systems

We have DIN certification.

Your facility’s most expensive equipment requires the highest level of service and expertise.

Choosing the correct gym flooring system for your athletics facility can be difficult. Allow our trained professionals to guide you through the process.

Our entire product line is ideal for all types of gymnasiums and athletic facilities. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the best gym floor or sports surface for your facility.
School Gymnasium Floors
Dance Studio Floors
Aerobics Studio Floors
Indoor Track and Field
Multi-Purpose Athletic Flooring

Wood Gymnasium Flooring Systems

Hardwood Athletic Floors Engineered with the Players and Facilities in Mind.

New England Sports Floors has the solution for you, whether it’s basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, handball courts, futsal pitches, aerobics & dance floors. The concrete substrate is mechanically fastened to the fixed systems, resulting in a stable subfloor system. As a result, these systems are incredibly resistant to buckles.

Fixed Resilient Floor Systems combine the resiliency of floating systems with the stabilizing features of attached subfloors. Floating systems do not need to be anchored to a concrete surface. Different pad and subfloor combinations provide different levels of resilience. The significant benefits of these systems are stress absorption and resilience, which are provided by true underfloor components and various elastomeric pads.

Our Entire Product Line Is Ideal for All Types of Gymnasiums and Athletic Facilities.

Our diverse selection of sports flooring can be tailored to your specific activities, level of play, budget, and facility size. Our educated personnel can help you choose the ideal gym floor or sports surface for your facility.